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Why do I need to download an ODBC Driver for dBase ?

If you want to use the BPR Xplorer facility that provides an interface to RCS's Selector product, and you have checked that you do not have the Microsoft dBase Driver installed, then you must download and install the appropriate driver. (If you have Office 97 or later installed on your PC, then the appropriate driver will already be available on your system)

How do I download an ODBC Driver for dBase ?

    1. Click  and copy this file (approx. 4mb) to your system. You can place this file anywhere on the target PC.
    2. Double click on wx1350.exe via Windows Explorer. This will cause 2 files to be extracted via a DOS window. You may have to close this window at the completion of the extract. The extracted files are dataacc.exe, and readme.txt.
    3. Double click on dataacc.exe via Windows Explorer (it is in the same folder where you stored wx1350.exe). This will cause the installation of the drivers to commence.
    4. Respond 'YES" to "Install Microsoft Data Access Pack?"
    5. Follow the instructions until the "Complete/Custom Install" screen appears. Check both boxes (Data Access Driver, Sql Server Driver)
    6. Follow the instructions until "Complete /Custom Install" appears

You have now completed the required Installation of your Microsoft dBase Driver