John Shrimski's Résumé




Honours graduate in Electrical Engineering from University of Auckland, New Zealand

Past Member of the Australian Institution of Engineers


John started his computer life as a systems engineer with IBM New Zealand; migrated to Australia to join the administrative services department of the University of Melbourne; then later spent some 6 years working for the multi-national, ITT, leading the software development team that introduced computerised telephone switching into Australia. During this period, he spent 2 years in Antwerp, Belgium, as part of an international development team. Further real-time exposure was gained with Computer Sciences of Australia.

In 1976 he joined Sigma Data Corporation (the Australasian distributors of Datapoint computers) as their Systems Engineering Manager where he had management responsibility for some 12 software projects that were currently under development. It was there that he met Peter Lay and Barry Brunning. In 1978 the three of them formed Data Stream. He was a director of Data Stream for 20 years. During this period, as well as designing and implementing a wide range of inventory and financial systems, he also became very involved with the development of research software for media. This was developed through a separate company, Chai Holdings.

In June 1998 John resigned from Data Stream to devote all his energies to the furthering of Chai Holdings' activities.


John has worked on many projects, in a variety of capacities including consulting, project management, systems design and programming. Some examples of these projects are :-

  • Consulting to a major communications company, SCITEC regarding the suitability of a 4GL that they were considering marketing world-wide
  • Development of a Term Deposit Investment system for Farmers & Graziers, who were stock and station agents to the rural community throughout Australia.
  • Management of a Data Stream team that provided development and support facilities to the Metal Manufactures Group in the merchandising of electrical products to some 140 branches throughout Australia.
  • Development, on-going enhancement and support of a viewer and audience research system for use by TV and radio stations in Australia and overseas. This work was done for Broadcast Programming and Research who own and market the software.
  • Developed a Web-based survey system to enable survey responses to be entered by Internet users.


John cut his teeth on RPG and assembler. Later he became proficient in Databus (or what is now called Visual PL/B) for commercial work. He currently uses Sunbelt's Windows implementation of PL/B and also Visual Basic. He has expertise and a keen interest in SQL, database technology, Unix and the Windows environment. More recently he gained considerable experience in Web-based technology such as HTML, JavaScript, ASP, ADO.

His major satisfaction in computing is derived from learning a user's needs then creating a solution with which the user and he are both satisfied, whilst at the same time minimizing the support requirements.


Most of John's work is done from his home office, overlooking the bush and the swimming pool. His wife, Jacqui provides him with administrative assistance. Their daughter, Sandi works as internal communications manager for FOXTEL and their son Andre is a music producer for the Australian public broadcaster, the ABC.

John tries to sail once a week with his ex fellow director, Peter Lay, on their 26 foot yacht, "She Who", so that they can discuss the world's problems. John is an armchair expert on rugby and cricket.

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