BPR Cati v5.06

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STAINEBpr Cati version 5.06  must be already installed before applying any patches

STAINEIf you are unsure of your current version/patch level, look in the Cati Administration module (in BPR Cati) under Tools, Version on the menu bar.

STAINEPatch Implementation. All patches are loaded under control of the BPR Cati application. An icon, Install Upgrades, appears in the application program group and is used to launch this procedure. The following steps should be followed :

METALLDownload the required patch from this home page

METALLDouble click the Install Upgrades icon on your target PC. You will be invited to select an upgrade file. You must select the file that you have copied from this home page (or have been provided with by some other means). This file may reside on diskette.

METALLThe upgrade process will check that the selected file is of the correct format and that you apply patches in the correct sequence.

Upgrade files available

Required Starting level

Resulting level

Patch file

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