*       BPR Xplorer version 8.06 must be already installed before applying any patches

*       If you are unsure of your current version/patch level, look in the System Utilities module (in BPR Xplorer) under Tools, Version on the menu bar.

STAINE  Patch Implementation. All patches are loaded automatically under control of the BPR Xplorer application. If you wish to do this process manually, an icon, Install Upgrades, appears in the application program group and is used to launch this procedure. The following steps should be followed :

*       Download the required patch from this home page i.e., click the patch file link, then click on the "Save" button to store it in a folder e.g., c:\temp   When the download has completed click "Close".

*       Click on the "Select Upgrade File" button and select the file that you saved in the previous step.

*       The upgrade process will now take place. When it completes you must click within the MSDOS window that is presented, then hit "ENTER".


Upgrade files available

Required Starting level

Resulting level

Patch file

Release notes










If you want ChartFx menus to use your local language, click on chart_local.zip to download localization files. Extract these to c:\sunbelt\live


Click on Data Import into BPR Xplorer from Excel to see the specification for this operation


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